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Eliminating Neediness to Have More Dating Success

One of the things the dating community talks about all the time is neediness. You will have heard it before - women don't find neediness (or "clinginess") terribly attractive. If you want to become more appealing to more women, you need to tackle this problem head on.

The dictionary defines neediness in a couple of ways. The first is of being financially poor - not having what you need to survive materially. That's not a concern in this circumstance, instead let's look at definition number two: needing emotional support, or being insecure.

If you hate the dictionary, it basically means that something in your life is missing, like you're not complete.

A lot of people turn to different things to try and fix this part of themselves. Indeed it's a reason why many people get into the dating game in the first place! Unfortunately though, excessive neediness will turn more woman away than being needy attracts, so it's a good idea to try and eliminate neediness from your life. At best you'll feel much better about yourself, and send more "positive vibes" out into the world.

I'm sure you can understand that for a women, being needy is a bit of a turn off.

So how do you stop being needy? How do you become more of a complete person? The simple answer is that you simply become a more interesting and passionate person. This doesn't mean that you take up rock climbing because you feel you need that particular skill to impress women, rather you get engaged in genuine, heartfelt passions.

You might take up a skill (like rock climbing), or get started in an awesome new hobby. You might decide to read inspiring and interesting books. Perhaps your friend circle could do with a shake up, and you could do with a few more great friends. You could get involved in causes that you feel passionate about, invest in businesses, learn to play an instrument, learn another language, travel, and start changing the world.

We feel needy as humans because there's something in our lives that's lacking. If you can investigate how to fill that yourself, you'll be more complete as a person, and become far more of a magnet than the needy version of you ever will be. Potential partners don't want to feel they will have to "carry" you through the relationship. No one wants to do that!

Most women find that complete humans are much more interesting and attractive than those that feel insecure. As a side benefit (if you could call it a side benefit!), you'll be more confident, happier, at peace and feeling more positive than ever before.

Be careful about doing things you're not. Don't fall into the trap of trying to impress women - trust me, they'll see straight through you. You don't need to become something you're not, so throw your ideas about the perfect women and what they're attracted to out of your head. It's weird - but taking time to focus on yourself is actually one of the best ways to get more serious about dating.


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